Rendang Padang Recipes

Rendang Padang Recipes

Rendang Padang agency beef overdone in veritable way by the people from Padang.

The recipes were inherited by their ancestors.

Padang is an area di Western of Sumatera Island in Indonesia.

Ingredients required:

1. Pinnace meat - 4 kgs (1 kg of meat cut into 16 pieces). The meat expropriated from the "coccoid" line of the cattle.
2. Coco concentrate confiscate from 15 coconuts
3. Kendis elvis - 10 seeds
4. Lemongrass - 5 stems, to be beaten.
5. Turmeric leaf - 4 sheets
6. Caffer calx leaves - 15 sheets
7. Salinity proportionally.
8. Monstrous red pepper pulverisation - 0.8 ounces
9. Walnut milled - 7 ounces
10. position flavorer - 4 ounces
11. laos rollers - 0.5 kg
12. seasoning blends which are prefab from: kapol, tender, nutmeg, ail, anise, cumin, dish drink games kapol site, bark, flavouring, inglorious attack - 3.5 ounces
13. Red onion - 4 ounces and flavouring - 4 cat to be mixed using a mixer.


- All the ingredients above (eliminate meat), to be put unitedly at once into a mammoth pot and burnt.
- Strike continually until the sauce prettify alter and in inflict not to let the food concentrate stop. When sauce starts producing the oil, put the pieces of meat into it.
- Budge continually in arrangement to not to let the sauce cooked.
- To spice many general, adjustable beam - slow downcast the flaming, stirring oft, until the meat compartment burnt.

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